Pulse-Pro Electronic Counters

Housing is sturdy, light weight cast aluminum. The switches are epoxy potted and sealed to environmental contamination. They are temperature rated to 105 degrees Celsius (221 F), contact form “A”, 10 watts, with a current rating of .5 amps @ 200VDC.

  • Easy to Install
  • Low Maintenance
  • Magnetic Switches
  • Self Powered Totalizer
  • Remote Readout

Optional configurations are available and include a second switch used for EMS interface or other equipment. A scalable totalizer is available to read in pounds. Also, a hinged and gasketed cover for outdoor installations is available. Longer 4-conductor wire cable or fittings to allow for wiring in conduit for security purposes. Units available to fit Cadillac, Adsco and LRP.

Pulse-Pro Counters Include:

  • Switch housing with 1 switch
  • LCD Box with electronic totalizer
  • 20 ft. prewired, 4 conductor cable
  • Misc. parts, fasteners, gaskets, drive-shaft with crossarms, magnet with adapter, multiplier stickers and installation instructions.

NEW!  WaferPulse for Legacy Cadillac Meters!