MegaMeter Measures Gravity Flow Up to 22,200 GPH/185,000 #/HR.

Infinite Rangeability Guarantees 100% Accuracy With Flows As Low As One Drop At A Time.

Whether it’s one drop or the full rated flow, volumetric metering guarantees accurate readings. “Volumetric” means we measure liquid volume (corrected for temperature), not rate of flow.

Since the volume of each drum is a known factor, counting revolutions is virtually 100% accurate. And with a little maintenance the meter will last a lifetime. Fifty-year-old volumetric meters are commonplace and our new 304SS meters should last even longer.

Gravity flows of liquid are accurately measured with Mega-Meter’s volumetric drum. “Volumetric” means we measure the liquid by volume, corrected for temperature, not rate of flow. Since the volume of each six chamber drum is a known factor, counting revolutions is 100% accurate. Construction is 304SS.

Typical applications: Waste water treatment plant discharge; central steam plant condensate return; absorption chillers; irrigation monitoring; portable water return lines; pretreated industrial waste water.

How The Lincoln Meter Works

How the Meter Works

The drum consists of six scroll-shaped sections. Liquid enters the drum through an axially mounted inlet Flowing Meterspout at the center of the meter. As each section fills, excess water spills in to the next section. This shifts the center of gravity and the drum rotates.

All meters are flow tested twice and come with certified test certificate.


Watch a video of the operation of a clear representation of a Lincoln Gravity Flow Meter: